What’s a Pit Mutt?

As I was preparing to start this blog, I hit the first challenge: what do I call it and is it taken?

After trying a few things, I found that Pit Mutt was available so I took it. I recently adopted a dog, Pokie, he is a pit bull mix. He has become a large part of my life and a driver for many changes, so it seems fitting for him to inspire the title.

Will this blog be only about dogs? No.

Will Pokie find his way into a post here and there? Most likely.

Why start yet another blog? Because I believe some things are worth saying. I live in Minnesota and I walk my dog in the winter. An institution that shall remain nameless was pushing all the snow from their parking lot into the only sidewalk on this particular street. After days of grumbling about it, I decided to say something instead. As I was unable to reach the institution’s leadership, I reached out to city hall. I was surprised by a very timely response and the city clearing the sidewalk and committing to work with this institution to prevent this.

The lesson for me was, if I’m thinking “people should do/say something about X”, it’s really me that should be doing something about it.


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