The path to Stoicism, part I

Recently, I have begun studying Stoicism. I often tend to reflect on the series of events that lead me to a particular point in my life, and the convoluted path that I followed to get to Stoic thinking is coming up close to six years. This is the first part of this story, I will update the posts with links as the following parts are posted.

As a mechanical engineer, I ignored and sometimes mocked philosophy studies throughout most of my academic career. Science and numbers were where the truth was. As soon as I finished school and entered the workforce, I found that most of what I needed to know to solve the problems in front of me was not at all related with engineering (I may expand on this and my thoughts on education on a separate post).

I have always believed that if I don’t know how to do something, I can always look for information and learn enough on my own to keep moving forward. In this case it was trying to manage multiple projects, I did some research and found the book “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. I will not go into much detail on the GTD methodology, there are plenty of resources available online discussing it. Part of the planning process proposed by Allen includes more high-level, long-term goal setting once the day-to-day tasks are under control. This was the first time I had directly though about what I want to do, and there was a sense of overwhelm just as described in this post from Art of Manliness that I found much later.

I stumbled on a book called “Time Warrior” by Steve Chandler, which took me into the next step of the journey.


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