Stoic Week 2016 – Monday

I am following the Stoic Week for the first time and will be recording my thoughts here. The exercise for the morning is to think about virtues I admire on others.

From my mom I admire that not once did she stay in bed or complained despite her debilitating migraines and back pain, she always did what needed to be done for the family. From my wife I admire her deep connection the the world around her and the strong empathy she possesses. From my dad I admire that he has never given up on his business despite all the forces out of his control that have impacted. From my dog I admire his ability to meet every day with fresh eyes, to find the interesting and beautiful things in his everyday routine.

The evening passage was very interesting, I have always looked back at my day to evaluate the decisions made and the work completed. I think developing the habit of lifelong improvement would be a great victory.


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